Gabriel Anton's Bio

Gabriel Anton was born August 7th, 1982 in Cleveland, Ohio. Raised in the city Gabriel was exposed to many different cultures and expressions of those cultures through various forms of art. His stepfather was an avid artist from Europe who would mostly use oil paint. He would paint landscapes for hours as Gabriel watched and many times tried to emulate what he saw. His stepfather's subjects would often be various mountainous regions and open fields from his homeland in Europe, mostly recalled from memory. Gabriel picked up many techniques from his stepfather and credits him as one of the main influences during childhood when he was starting to express himself artistically. Another main influence was tagging, a form of graffiti art and inner city murals. He often observed the huge works of graffiti art in east Cleveland and on the trains going to and from downtown and wondered who did them and when. He then started to dabble in graffiti in his preteen years while roaming the streets with friends and talked about one day being a professional artist. In elementary school he won numerous awards for art competitions and recalls one in particular, "I won a contest in Northeastern Ohio for drawing my shoe, that's when I knew this was my calling." His mother was noticing him dedicating quite a bit of time to drawing and brought him to art galleries to show him professional artists work and even brought his art to church. She also brought him downtown when she would work the night shift at her secretarial job so he could see the large abstract paintings in the thirty something story building she worked in. As well as early art influences there were many life influences that affected Gabriel's artistic expression. His mother and stepfather's split, life and death situations in the inner city, social injustices witnessed, incarceration, young love, heart break, death, and many other emotions engaged in the human experience. He describes him coming into his artistic voice, "I've always tried to stay in tune with my soul and bring to life symbols of our human experience through art, joyous or tragic" This explains the many themes found in his pieces as inspiration can be found in almost any aspect of life and this artist certainly embraces that. Since turning professional in 2002 Gabriel has done a wide range of work including childrens books, book covers, album covers, t-shirts, framed art, greeting cards and gifts, and is featured in art galleries. He currently resides in Tennessee, working out of his studio, doing various commissioned projects. He also currently merchandises many of his most popular pieces and enjoys creating works of art that contribute to peoples lives and the meaning of it.

Gabriel Anton's Portfolio

Gabriel Anton's take on the "A Stranger At Christmas" story

A Stranger At Christmas

We bring you now, to a town that you know.

Porterlance is it's name, and it's filling with snow.

Families are out, taking trees home to trim...

With beads, balls, and popcorn on each precious limb.

Children are making big forts and snowmen...

Counting the days less than ten.

Everyone's happy...streets are glowing with lights...

Kids in thier forts, having fun snowball fights.

While at home, at night...their lists, they'll make...

Dreaming of toy stores, and GREAT Christmas cake.

That very night a stranger came near.

"I'm hoping to ruin this town's Christmas cheer."

He has every detail planned out just right.

"This Christmas Eve. Yes, this is the night!"

He's making his way through the streets quite unseen...

Cutting the lights: Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green.

His plan is quite simple: "I'll darken the town."

To the reindeer and Santa, Porterlance just wouldn't be found.

A sound startles Ben, who hops off his bed.

Sarah's left sleeping, dreams of toys in her head.

Ben looks out the window...his eyes open wide.

Instead of Santa, he saw, a stranger running to hide!

Ben knew right away, what the man had in mind.

"He's left not even a glimmer of light for Santa's reindeer to find!"

Sarah then woke to her brother's soft cries.

Finding a plan to fix Christmas was wise.

They nibbled the cookies left for Santa to taste.

"We have to think quick, not a moment to waste!"

They hunt through the house, from room to room...

Checking cabinets for something to brighten their gloom.

Just then Ben found what would help save the night.

"Look! Boxes of candles and lanterns to light!"

That very minute Santa almost flew by...

Then noticed one house that had lit up the sky.

As Santa's sleigh landed they ran out of sight.

But Santa was puzzled and gave them a fright.

Santa said, "Why's it so dark, tonight in your town?"

"A man's cut the lights!" Sarah answered, wearing a huge frown.

Santa left them with toys to enjoy...

In search of the man, he knew as a boy.

When Santa encountered the stranger, who gave him a frown...

He asked, "Why do you wish so much gloom on this town?"

The stranger decided that he'd better say...

Of his wishes for toys, with which he could play.

It was Christmas, long ago passed...

Each year, he was visited last.

The other kids in town woke up with glee...

Playing with toys from under their tree.

But when the stranger awoke, all that he had...

Underwear and socks! "Did Santa think I was bad?"

Santa confused, waved them under his nose...

Showing him letters, that had asked him for those.

The stranger knew right away, what had been done.

"My parents decided to swap clothes with my fun!"

The stranger said, "Sorry." Then, looked towards the ground.

Santa then said, "Help me finish my rounds?!"

To this the stranger smiled and said with much might...

"A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!"